Today’s adventure to Edinburgh.

Razzo - £1 for a flat white, bargain. Very small shop, but it’s situated outside of Waverly Station so most customers will be on the go. Not this guy.

Wellington - Oh Lordy. Introduced to me by my cousin (beefdogg), easily the best place in Edinburgh. From the charming Australian accents of the staff to the impeccable beans. It deserves all credit.

Castello - Opening day! Another recommended by beefdogg and owned by his friend Sandro. Little shop tucked beside La Senza near the HSBC. The coffee is lovely and there’s a mutual interest in café’s (especially Wellington) and have been recommended a place on Leith Walk so that will be my next stop.

Artisan Roast - After taking the super scenic route, which felt like a pseudo-hipsters wet dream, I found this place after Castello’s recommendation. First notable thing about this place is the walls stapled with old coffee sacks and a sign saying ‘JK Rowlig never wrote here’. Very different from the other places. Beautiful flat whites.

Elephant House - Starting to slow down now. Ironically, I should be speeding up with all this caffeine. I’ve opted for some vanilla tea and a haggis stromboli. Obviously you’ll know this is the birthplace of Twilight, so I won’t go in to that. What’s more interesting than the origin of the Hunger Games is the vast amount of elephants. Seriously. EVERYWHERE. Anyway, the grub is great and the tea is pleasant and relaxing. Biggest issue is the people passing by taking photos because it is the origin of Blade Runner, come on guys. I’ve got the caffeine shakes so this might be my final stop.

Starbucks - AHAHAHAHA

Today was a good day.